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Makrite Sekura N95 Face Masks, NIOSH Approved

$119.95 for 40pcs / $2.99 each piece

A Makrite Sekura N95 Niosh approved respirator is a respiratory protective device designed to achieve a perfect facial fit, with extremely efficient filtration of airborne particles.

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[2PCS] Fashion Mask


Fashion mask is reusable and washable with bundle with 10pcs of KN95 filter.


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Why Makrite (Sekura) N95 Face Mask?

A Makrite N95 mask is a form of respiratory protective wear which is worn over the nose and mouth to minimize the chance of inhaling airborne particles, bacteria and viruses.The N95 face mask is non-woven, and disposable of synthetic polymer fibers produced in a process called melt blowing. 

During pandemics and outbreaks, respiratory illnesses and periods of intense air pollution, wearing N95 masks has proven to help reduce the inhalation of compromised air, filtering pathogens which lead to illness or aggravate existing health issues.


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